So, what we thought would happen, happened

At a midday press conference yesterday we were informed that the blue party, Forsa Nobo, just picked up a new recruit, independent Member of Parliament, Marisol Tromp. This is what I wrote in November of last year: Member of Parliament, Marisol Tromp, who received 1,643 votes in 2013, is now sitting pretty as several political suitors have asked for her hand. Eventually, she will make a decision to join forces, if she picks blue, it will be for the good of the country. And I am forever grateful to her for voting against the refinery!

And this is what I wrote in November about Forsa Nobo, the blue party, which is still valid: Most people think it’s the best thing that happened to Aruba, because now with the former MinTour setting up a new party, he will be able to partner with Marisol for example, and become the alternative, forcing a coalition government, following the next elections. What this island needs is a change of government, and with a coalition, for as long as they get along, our resources will be better used. So thank you, Otmar Oduber, for shaking things up in that way. Blue is the new green.

And over the last weeks blue has been picking up steam: Recently Member of Parliament Andin Bikker, 3,047 votes in 2013, teamed up as #2, so Marisol becomes #3. Also a handful high-achieving female members of our community joined blue, they are Joselin Croes, Michella Steenvoorde-Lacle, and Jacqueline van Putten.

The whole thing was/is predictable, and keep in mind, Otmar Oduber’s 4,008 votes in 2013; the blue party will most probably secure 3 seats, maybe more, in November.

This morning, in a heated political discussion I was told not to underestimate yellow, we might even have a three party coalition, in the event that AVP fails to hold on to its voters, due to growing discontent over just about everything.

We should pay attention, and commit to casting ballots; otherwise we might be as perplexed as the USA over election results. In fact the situation is similar. Both choices, Forsa Nobo and AVP are greatly flawed, but if you vote Forsa Nobo, some much-needed change will take place.

I listened to Marisol speak at the press conference, she was passionate and issued a huge indictment against the MinPres and his fake façade of governing.

The trio, Otmar, Andin and Marisol have little in common, they have no shared ideology, but they all wish to govern. The opportunity presented itself, and politics as you know, often makes for strange bedfellows. Stay tuned.

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February 24, 2017
Rona Coster