So much happening, in just one day!

Ferris Bueller’s day off was fantastic. I visited my friends at Ajudo na Aruba #covid19, went to a super interesting meeting with psychologist Milly Lacle, taught an English class at HIASaruba, shopped for Father’s Day gifts at T.H. Palm & Company then went to the Beach Bar Aruba for a birthday party.

But the day was long, and having gone to bed at 9:30pm every single night for the past four months, I was dragging by 10pm.

It was good I came home early, because walking up the driveway I confronted a horror scene of three beloved dogs looking at a mega sapo, he was at Bolo’s food bowl, in their space, clearly an uncalled for aggression.

Level-headed, I lured them away with treats, but as soon as Mac began shaking his head I knew he was hit!

Off to the garden hose. He did not like it, I flushed his mouth, his fur, he accepted with misgivings the horrible humiliation, and told me I should have at least taken off my clothes and my shoes before water-boarding him.

He is such a sweet thing.

At 10:10 I called Maria Andreina Contreras Oduber, and a doctor on the end of the line took me by the hand, and we flushed Mac’s mouth again, watched for more symptoms of poisoning, gave him a big bowl of milk, he liked it, then I raced to the botica, trying not to think about the saliva spaghetti dangling from his mouth, the tongue workings, and the head twitching I left behind.

Mac did not appreciate the charcoal pills, but he is well and alive this morning, waddling happy, he is a bit chunky I noticed. He was on a Covid 19 diet with me!

The sapo? I cornered him with a broom, plopped a clay pot on his head, and poured some Clorox, through the hole over his head. I am not proud. I later escorted the sapo-melt to the trash and made myself a tea, paired with a cookie.

What a day, Ferris would have been proud!

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June 20, 2020
Rona Coster