SmartCards IT-Solutions

I was formally invited to participate in a local venture, asked to become an investor in SmartCards-IT-Solutions, an I.C.T. company that has a unique selling proposition, it promises.

(I.C.T.: Information and communications technology)

The company launched its services in August 2023, and within 5 months of operations signed 3-long term agreements with educational institutions, namely Juliana School, Ceque College Mavo, and C.G. Abraham De Veer.

Company General Manager Derwin Ruiz reports it is projecting amazing results in its Business Overview and Business Plan.

Over confident, you think? Maybe not.

SmartCards was developed by an 18 year old, same Derwin Ruiz mentioned above, currently attending V.W.O-Landsexamen. He already has a respectable resume, having previously been active in Marketing, Sales and Management, as the sole owner of a successful, MixedBerries Food & Beverages company.

I met Derwin Ruiz at the Aruba International Regatta, he set up shop under our tent and enjoyed a continuous stream of young clients who came in to buy his oversize, loaded smoothies and bowls as advertised on social media.

He explained he managed to create a delicious formula, and set up a distribution network for his product while still a student. He was also busy, he added, developing other tech-related projects. School was a secondary interest to business and technology.

With his previous experience in running a company and earning a net, Awg 3,000, in sales monthly – note his tender age, he became aware of challenges in education and thought he could efficiently improve what most other regional companies are doing. Because he understood the students’ minds, he decided to help change their behavioral patterns.

He ditched all his other interests and activities to focus completely on the development and of SmartCards IT Solutions. He has seen an amazing opportunity, and jumped right in.

But, he is looking for help to be able to execute this venture.

What’s it all about?

The Student SmartCards are obviously used for tapping at the Canteen/Kiosk for purchases, and may be re-tapped for recharges, but MOSTLY they registers entrance, and exit to events, school, and classes! Upon entrance and exit, the software registers the tap of the SmartCard and sends an automatic notification to parents informing them of the safe exit and/or entrance of their student to campus. – Including a timestamp, if the student was late. All data may be viewed in the free-to-use application.

If high school student Ferris Bueller wanted a day off from school, today, his incredibly sophisticated plan would have failed with the Student SmartCard. He couldn’t have pulled it off.

Derwin invested Awg 10,000 of his own saved money in the company and collected some additional funds by tapping friends, and family. The business transitioned from the idea phase, to a profitability phase, and can efficiently operate without constant investment funding, providing it is fully set up.

With my investment, Derwin declared, he can capitalize on growing market demand, and delivering an improved school attendance in our community, aided by digital change and technology.

Join us, he concluded, on this venture of change, and be part of SmartCards!

Remember the cashless solution makes the daily cash allowance parents give their kids, obsolete. The kid can no longer purchase illegal substances with their money, his purchases are limited to food & beverages at the canteen/kiosk, and if he plays hooky, staying away from school without permission, parents are immediately notified.

Support Derwin Ruiz, SmartCard IT-Solutions + 297 562 4770


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December 27, 2023
Rona Coster