Sin Webo No Tin Fiesta

Two weeks ago, Janiro Eisden, known by his stage name, Ataniro, released a fun video clip titled #SinWeboNoTinFiesta.

Right from the start he checks out the list of secret party ingredients, delicious cake, drinks, piñata and eggs, because as the title implies, no eggs, no party.

You know for yourself that without Dressed eggs, also known as Stuffed Eggs, Russian Eggs or Deviled Eggs there is no party in Aruba. It is a favorite snack, and some of my friends have indeed very delicious recipes for these butler-passed hors d’oeuvres.

Are you with me? So far we have a catchy song, a video clip, and a colorful entertainer, performer, a rapper, singer, chanter, whose genre is undefined, yet his music infectious and compelling.


The way he tells it, in the Netherlands, during one of his performances a little girl cried to her mom, ata Niro, here’s Niro, using his nickname, instead of his full name, and a stage-persona was born.

He has been performing in Aruba for many years, a popular musician since his revolutionary breakthrough with the Basic One trio.

In his #SinWeboNoTinFiesta he is again collaborating with Kurt Labadie his buddy from Basic One. I find the years have been kind to Kurt. He looks dashing in formal wear, or any wear, in the video clip.

The clip was filmed in Curacao in accordance to the story-line in which Ataniro hops across the pond, and attends a swanky fiesta in a retro pink suit, with pink sneakers wearing stylish white sunglasses, flanked by two tweedy-bird-yellow dancers with big hair and short skirts.

The clip is fun. Shot artistically by Ryan QD Navarro, it depicts a Hora Loca night-club event, and a midday street happening, serving deviled eggs as snacks. I wish I could have attended, the driving music, the Carnival dancers, the women in their floral lays, the blue limo, the stripped bus, some more expensive sunglasses, a variety of Hawaiian shirts, it’s all a feast to the eye.   


The way he tells it, in Bonaire, during one of his performances an older woman declared #SinWeboNoTinFiesta and rushed to the kitchen to make some.

Ataniro filed that comment away for further use.

Of course I wasn’t born yesterday. Kurt Labadie and Ataniro are double-entendre specialists. They are cheeky, and fresh, representing the true macho Criollo. They are cute, but risqué.

So what do the eggs stand for? Your guess is as good as mine.

Artist: Ataniro

Producer: Kurt Labadie (Dj KD)

Co-Producer: Janiro Eisden (Ataniro)

Author: Janiro Eisden (Ataniro)

#SinWeboNoTinFiesta #Ataniro #Music

Ryann QD Navarro

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January 10, 2020
Rona Coster