Silence of the Dump

We haven’t heard anything about the dump since plans to close it in December of 2016 were announced.

I was there. I read it. I saw the news item with my own eyes, black on white: “The dump will be closing Dec 31st, 2016.”

Then silence, nothing happened

Moreover, on my recent visit to San Nicholas, we drove past Parkitenbos, and Bucutiweg in the evening hours, and the landfill was smoking, business as usual.

The dump in Barcadera, has been in use for almost 80 years. It is the only official dump in Aruba. It has never been managed. It endured Lago Oil Refinery, Coastal, El Paso, and Valero waste, and it provides waste removal services to cruise ships visiting here. It receives all airplane waste, and everything more than 1 million visitors per year, discard.

The way its operation runs, is clearly against existing laws.

But when something has been wrong for so long, it is easy to ignore, for fear of tackling an issue, to big too handle.

I started writing about the health-hazard and environmental-threat last year, with zero results.

So this is a column celebrating zero accomplishment.

A number of years ago, the neighborhood got together, setting up Stichting Parkitenbos, a lobbying body. That foundation has been quiet recently, while in fact it should be taking the government to court, and every single minister involved should also be dragged into litigation, because they are all guilty of having insane priorities.

Have you seen the Gateway Arch, style after St. Louis, USA, towering over the highway? That colossal steal structure, the world second largest arch is the most ridiculous bridge, totally disproportionate to the puddle it straddles. It was conceived by our government, as part of the ironically called Green Corridor, determined to waste as much public funds as possible.

The cash should have gone towards capping the dump with special soil, then topping it with grass, and little, cute chimneys to allow the toxic fumes fermenting inside to escape.

Capping the dump would have been a better way of spending our money.

I would also like to be kept informed about the progress at Ecogas. Driving by we noticed they were baling compressed waste, in their effort to turn it into alternative energy, but we haven’t heard any updates lately.

Is Serlimar delivering waste to be sorted and compressed?

Who gets paid and how much?

Is the waste high-grade enough?

Is WEB using the gas produced?

If not, where are the bales going?

From a previous column, our advice to the Parkitenbos neighbors: YOU HAVE TO GET MAD, REAL MAD, BE FEARLESS, THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND, GET A LAWYER, A REAL LAWYER, SUE THE GOVERNMENT FOR TORTURING YOU, FILE REAL COMPLAINS AT THE POLICE, SHOOT VIDEOS, GET THE PUBLIC HERE BEHIND YOU WITH IMAGES AND PICTURES, MAKE YOUR PROBLEM, OUR PROBLEM,DO NOT REST, UNTIL YOU GET RESULTS. YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT. The MinPres with his phony-baloney green initiatives should be the one in charge of rescuing your neighborhood, there has to be a way to get his severely Attention Deficit Disordered attention.

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April 20, 2017
Rona Coster