Showing at the Piedra Plat Entertainment Center

Noticia Cla, a reliable source, circulated a news item that Caso Ibis, the first in a series of birds, will be transmitted into the Piedra Plat Entertainment Center so that an audience may watch the upcoming appeal of the former Minister of Social Affair & Labor, Dr. Paul Croes, unfolding in court.

It struck me as an April Fool’s Day joke, so I called around, and indeed, the appeal taking place in court in Oranjestad, cannot allow an audience into the room because of Covid restrictions, thus the court decided that it will transmit the proceedings to allow all those interested in viewing from a distance, a safe and comfortable opportunity, Monday, August 30th, 9am, until Sept 1st, first come, first served, no reserved seating, the news item read.

How do you feel about this?

I think it’s a first in Aruba, perhaps I am wrong.

The appeal of the former minister and five other suspects will be heard by three judges, from Curacao, do or die, this is the end of the process, the judges will decide, and the Ibis case will be laid to rest.

The investigation against the minister started apparently in 2014, the year he became a minister, and the accusations boiled down to monetizing the legal work-permit process, plus some personal benefits.

He was a young minister, and he learned from his peers, his fellow ministers, that the minister’s signature is omnipotent, circumventing the official channels, making them avoidable.

He did not invent the system. He was introduced to it, and he unwisely bought into that arrangement, initiated, according to my sources by a masterful LATE minister. We drive on the boulevard by his name, every day.

Since the Ibis case started Paul Croes was literally tarred and feathered as punishment, held in solitary confinement, for 86 days, in KIA, and I will let you Google the details of solitary confinement, but it does mean zero contact with the outside world.

Imagine 86 days.

He had a promising career, no more. He had a promising job, no more, he was humiliated in his community. His family suffered immensely. I was ok with all of that, but the public showing of his appeal process at the Piedra Plat Entertainment Center, that struck me as basta.

My Legal Eagle friends correct me. They explain they are expecting a lot of interest probably because they are handling all defendants together, and that it is a public hearing, and an important one, and with Covid limited seating capacity they had to offer an alternative, and they are transmitting to verify that press descriptions of the goings-on are accurate, and non-biased.

They are not sure that there would be a lot of interest sitting in an external location. And that the effort is worth it.

Moreover, is this a suitable and respectful location? That is questionable.

They could have YouTubed it and allowed families to watch in private, why make a spectacle out of it.

For your consideration. What do you think.




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August 26, 2021
Rona Coster