Shoco Beer is here

Bourbon Express, a local distributor, developed a new craft beer inspired by Aruba, called Shoco Beer.

The company wanted a series of craft beers that embody our island lifestyle.  They wanted it to be authentic and recognized by the Brewers Association as craft beer so they met with a few craft brewers in the U.S. to find one that understood the vision and could capture the flavors and tastes that they wanted. After a few trials and errors, they found a brew master in Kentucky and together they formulated six different craft beers that would become part of the Shoco Beer Co.

Two of the Shoco Beers were launched at last weekend’s Craft Beer Festival, the booth was swamped and it seemed to be what everyone was buzzing about

Yes, it was a very successful launch—people loved the first two beers introduced:

Blood Orange Blond and Long Legged Lager. While everyone has their preference—some were crazy about the Orange Blonde, others were a fan of the stout…but that’s the beauty of craft beer—there is something for every beer lover out there.

Surprise: You have 4 more Shoco Beers coming, and they are Pineapple Wheat Wave, TanLine Tangerine IPA, Sun of a Beach Prickly Pear Wheat and One Hoppy Island Toasted Coconut Pale Al

The designs of the labels are so eye-catching, because the craft beer labels and the tap handles are part of the allure of the scene. The logos and labels of craft beer are very cool works of art—each craft beer producer prides himself on cool labels and tap handles.

So far the Shoco Beer tee shirts hit a homerun with the logo and labels—everyone wants a tee-shirt and a hat.

Best of all a Donation:

Shoco Beer Co. is donating $10,000 to Arikok National Park to help support some of their projects.  Some of the funds will go to the conservation efforts for the endangered shoco owl.  Right now Arikok is working with the Aruba Birdlife Conservation to locate shoco nests that have been dug in places like construction sites.  Obviously this is very dangerous for them, so they are creating artificial nests within the park and relocating the owls there so they can be safe and continue to reproduce and populate.  Specialized equipment and tools are needed so we are happy that we can help make a difference by giving financial support for this.

There are many other important projects Arikok has on their wishlist—like bird watching towers at Spanish Lagoon, and a future aviary in the park to breed prikichis since they are also an endangered species that is endemic to Aruba.

In addition to the initial $10,000 donation, Shoco Beer Co. is earmarking a percentage of Shoco Beer sales to help with these future projects that are crucial to awareness and conservation on the island.

Where can we find Shoco Beer?

Right now they are busy filling orders and so far you can find the first two Shoco Beers at the large local supermarkets.

PS: Craft beer is relatively new to Aruba, so here is what you need to know

The Brewer’s Association has very specific rules for brewing craft beer, using 3 major guidelines:

Small—a craft brewery cannot produce more than 6 million barrels a year

Independent—the brewery must be at least 75% owned by a brew master (so no big corporations)

Traditional–  flavor derives from traditional and innovative brewing ingredients in their fermentation.

INNOVATIVE INGREDIENTS is really the key aspect for the craft beer drinker. And craft Beer can be many things: craft beer special—it’s not one-size-fits-all… you can find sweet, toasted, nutty, fruity, spicy, earthy, smoky, bitter, buttery, and on and on.

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May 26, 2017
Rona Coster