She’s had it!

The issue is not the issue, is one of my favorite sayings.

And It applies to member of Parliament Daphne Lejuez’ recent decision to become an independent staten members.

Good for her. I imagine is was hugely frustrating to sit in Parliament without being heard. Perhaps she had big plans, great ideas, but they were probably relegated to the bottom of the drawer under the current set up.

So at 3:30pm, Wednesday, a press conference was called in which Lejuez delivered the news, but since Amigoe di Aruba had already printed an editorial about the subject by 5:30pm, chances are their PR was circulated in advance. They got the scoop first.

When reporting on Lejuez’ bold move, the local media quoted a ‘lack of communication’ in parliament AND most importantly, her strong opposition to the looming Serlimar law, which only served the MinInfra, not the people. She talked very well about it.

As I said, the issue is not the issue, she is an intelligent woman and she wanted her voice to be heard. When it wasn’t, she left.

No doubt, her voice will be heard for a while, but not forever because our experience shows that when a member of Parliament goes rogue, it doesn’t necessarily pay and we’ve seen it before with Marisol Tromp, Otmar Oduber & Wyatt Ras. It looks good on the resume, it’s heroic, but by the time the local media and GOA finish dishing out degrading insinuations and nonsense allegations, Lejuez will lose the appetite to serve.

A radiant, color coordinated MinPres immediately posed for a ‘United Front’ snapshot with her coalition partners, stating ‘business as usual,’ the tri-way coalition still has 11 seats out of 21. No doubt a majority, until RED goes rogue.

What does business as usual mean?

The dump is still open and burning.

Serlimar is as inefficient as ever.

ZERO national efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Zero preoccupation with climate change.

Private sector companies in the recycling business are vilified, their business strategies and code of conduct tarnished.

Goa’s PR machine spreads ridiculous, untrue claims:

Children: Instead of bickering and playing politics you should all come together to try and reduce the incidence of cancer on the island, by finding a way to agree on the handling of trash.    

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November 14, 2019
Rona Coster