Serlimar, no customer satisfaction

I called them last week for a small bucket, for a few days, they did not answer on Monday and Tuesday. I sent an e-mail, to various Serlimar addresses, including [email protected], and [email protected]. I sent a message on FB.

Oddly enough their only public address is: [email protected]

No answer.

On Wednesday a cute operator picked up the phone and transferred the call to nowhere. I called again. This time I got a man on the phone who assured me he was not the right person, but since I refused to get off the line, he told me he himself will walk over to the desired department to verify they respond, and when I rebelled, he said ok, lady, what do you need.

I needed a bucket.

The smallest, I said. For a few days.

Ok, he said Awg 195, for one day, an extra day costs Awg 50 more.

I will call the driver, he added.

I rushed to settle the amount on line, and sent the receipt to that famous email address.

They will never remember to pick it up I thought to myself, then I get a few more days, for that exorbitant charge.

Two hours later a 20-yard container was dropped in front of my home by a friendly, cautious driver. He was very good at handling the equipment.

Guess what, 24 later, the bucket was picked up by the same friendly, cautious driver, BEFORE I even managed to clean up my yard.

That’s what I call efficiency.

Awg 195 for one day, for an oversize bucket I didn’t really need.

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June 11, 2022
Rona Coster