Seize the Day

In the name of YOLO, You Only Live Once, and Carpe Diem, we decided to play hooky for the afternoon, skip work, without any excuses, last Wednesday, and drive around Tanki Flip, Tanki Leendert, and Solito, where a great number of new businesses seem to have sprung, under our noses.

We were busy year-round, had no time to explore, but finally, the time to be jolly has come.

We stopped for lunch at Los Cafeteros. The place was hopping with huge lunch traffic, take out, eat in, in a profusely decorated double-decker dining room.

We shared an excellent shrimp ceviche with skinny plantain chips, Awg 21, and a plentiful bandeja paisa, Awg 23. We got enough food for three. It was an experiential dining episode, with excellent service.

To digest our food, we walked a bit up and down that little roadside mall, and found a tarot card reader at a hair salon and an electronic service station at an embroidery shop.

I guess it’s a trend. Hard times, require inventive measures, if you have no electronics for repair you may customize a cap, and if you don’t want your future divined, the least you can do is walk out with clean hair.       

Ricarepa was empty except for a large bottle of hand sanitizer in the window. Petje’s Surinamese Fusion Cuisine was not an option. We already ate at Los Cafeteros.

On Kamerlingh Onnesstraat we stopped at Café Torino Sport Bar & Grill for an ice cold beer with Erick Alvarado. The place is clean and inviting. He opened last year and regulars at the bar praised the establishment’s mature clientele and excellent service. Erick told us about his whiskey and cigar specials, and the weekend BBQ. A vintage car aficionado, he named his bar after a classic car and reports to have worked in the hotels for many years. He now works for himself, and marches to his own beat. We will be back.

We visited quite a number of boutiques, from Line of Style, to La & Lu Fashion, Bellisima Boutique, You & Me Lingerie, and a Shoetiek. We encountered lots of glittery dresses in honor of New Year’s Eve. We tried to buy something, to break the spell, but never found anything in our size.

Regretfully, we never made it to Cas Casuela or Blue Moon, which was closed anyway, but we put them on the list for next time.     

Coffee. Where can you get a decent cup of coffee in the neighborhood? Eduardo’s Car Wash and Coffee serves the BEST, most amazing pick-me ups, with two color hagelslag on the rim, caramel and chocolate drizzle, really a work of art cappuccino for just Awg 5, worth every penny.

We realized that Arubans are very entrepreneurial and creative, especially those arrived in recent years from Colombia and Venezuela, they have a real mercantile spirit, and they put it to work in their hoods.

Out stop before last was Smart Contractor & Services where we met Elly Paesch who matches F&B businesses with temporary help. We liked her, and her solid approach to Human Resources. She is a true professional, in business for herself the past five year.

Our last stop, the Foot Spa, but the door was locked, and indicated no business hours, no menu of services, and no telephone number. The outside window was blank. Their business remains a mystery.  

Savaneta, you’re next!

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December 23, 2019
Rona Coster