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My venerated colleague from Noticia Cla beat me to the news that the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino will be enhancing its already excellent vacation product with a modest expansion, of very high-end rooms, in an exclusive cluster. The property is also making a mega investment in updating the restaurants, building a new pool, and in general catching up with the needs and wants of discerning travelers of the future.

The news broke on Monday in the form of an added website page, informing the world that the resort is planning enhancements including the addition of a new beachfront tower, restaurants’ and bars upgrades and a refresh to guest rooms in the Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao towers. The project anticipates completion by early to mid-2025.

Check HERE what it will look like!

As soon as the news broke, a small chorus of cry-babies took to social media to shed big tears about the development. Though there has been talk about it for years.

They all must get a grip.

Allow me to explain: If as a tourist destination you do not invest, renovate and expand your services, you die. Other islands have palm trees too, and we must as a successful vacation paradise, continuously invest in a sustainable manner.

And what the Hilton is doing is just that, adding, and enhancing its product, in order to remain competitive, expanding within its own footprint and relying on its already working management and team members to handle the modest growth. I completely agree with all critics who say enough is enough, but I also encourage all already-successful businesses to invest, tweak and innovate.

This is what the term sustainable means.

I must remind my readers that the Hilton is locally owned by the Aruba Growth Fund who invests on behalf of 20,000 local pension-clients. More than USD 100 million will be invested in Aruba’s first and most famous resort property, that works on behalf of the local pension funds.

Yes, building new giant resorts burdens our infrastructure, but the Hilton is already fully staffed. They might need an additional helping hand at housekeeping for the rooms coming on line, but this is a far cry from building from scratch, not just one but THREE, for example, full size Iberostar within the next two years.

Again, local investors, local financing, providing TLC to one of our most amazing properties from 1959, and most importantly a serious investment in all F&B outlets.

I understand that the man in charge of tweaking the F&B outlets is a world class celebrity, a member of Daniel Boulud’s team who has worked on Boulud’s various openings around the globe, in the last twenty years. Something we can all be very proud of.

Take a look: world class celebrity

So, dry your tears, save them for another occasion. The Hilton’s parking lot is even big enough to support the new rooms. So, we’re good.

FYI: All project work will be completely on hold for the year end holidays.

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March 08, 2023
Rona Coster