Second Quarter Awards at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino celebrated the accomplishments of its associates during the second quarter recognition ceremony, unfolding in the ballroom over lunch.

Those who went above and beyond their regular scope of duties during the months of April, May and June were praised by their department heads, recognized by management and celebrated by their peers.

During the Covid19 temporary shutdown, as many as 16 associates were asked to move into the property, at the time, on rotation, to take care of security, landscaping, and the resident cats, which required feeding. A number of F&B associates also came on board to feed the skeleton crew on duty, and to secure kitchens and storerooms.
Additional, the department of Human Resources stayed in touch with the resort associates on a daily basis, sending them updates, motivational videos, exercises with life-coach Rene Wilde, nutritional tips, personal development links, and more.

The resort enjoyed the amazing flexibility and goodwill of its associates during the shutdown, as many of the temporary contract workers were retired, full time employees stepped up to the plate to fill their place and many members of housekeeping, engineering and food & beverage became gardeners in charge of grounds keeping, stepping up efforts to maintain the beautiful gardens.  

The second quarter’s nominees and winners were appreciated for the extra efforts they put in through the pandemic and shelter in place.  All have contributed towards the safety and wellbeing of resort associates, guests and the facility.

The celebrated categories included

Associate of the Month, April – Winner Hilario Geerman, Engineering

Nominees: Sansarick Milrose, Housekeeping, Hipolito Reynoso, F&B

Associate of the Month, May – Winner Melcheor Tromp, F&B

Nominees: Serge Louis, Engineering, Johanna Alvarez, Housekeeping, Ireneo Catibayan, Bell Services

Associate of the Month, June – Winner Diana Pichay, Front Office

Nominees: Miguel Rasmijn, Engineering, Peter Green, F&B, Abelardo Restrepo, Housekeeping

Supervisor of the Quarter – Winner Desiree Henriquez, Owners Relations

Nominees: Douglas Morillo and Clara Acevedo, Housekeeping

Manager of the Quarter – Winner Sandra Campos

Nominees: Ninfa Jaranilla, Loss Prevention Manager, Manuel Castro, Sous Chef, Sudi Guda, Jr. Talent Manager

Team of the Quarter – Winners, the Department of Human Resources

Nominee: The Housekeeping Department

Congratulations to all nominees and winners. Keep on doing what you do, because together you provide guests with happy, memorable vacations where they feel appreciated, safe and always welcome.

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August 02, 2020
Rona Coster