Second Column Today, about our Public Health Challenges.

I listened to DR Ponson the other night on TV, reassuring the parents that their kids are safe and can go to school

She sounded great, then she said that physicians need to “fax” reference letter to specialist!!!!???

I scratched my head.


Are you serious? Who makes them? Why do we have to use them?

And then I thought: What else are they doing which is very costly and cumbersome? I see now there may be a lot of waste in the health sector, costing us all, way too much money.

You know the MinHealth has to shave 5M a month?

It sounds doable to me, if you eliminate the waste in the system.

Don’t eliminate services, but make ‘structural changes’ in HOW services are rendered.

EXAMPLE: Specialists get paid on unit basis. Of course this provides a great initiative to make sure that as many units are handled as possible.  Regardless if effective at corrective health.

What about eliminating the current way specialists get paid?

What about looking at how health professionals IMPROVE health instead of making money on the backs of those who are sick.

Imagine the opportunities for improvements…

We need to find what is keeping us from turning these wasteful services to the public, into E-CARE.

In many countries medical chats help people with routine medical problems, via tablets and phones.

We should never physically have to go see any doctor.

Just like E-Learning, E-Government, E-Business, E-Care is possible, and Dr. Richard Visser has been talking about it for years.

But again the current system was put in place by a medical doctor who was looking to make money and used our political system to accomplish his goal!

It created a lot of waste. How much waste is acceptable?

Four out of every five earned collective florins is pissed away by a body that is not accountable to anybody in Aruba. (think Hospital. Think Central Lab)

Now it is clear, this does not serve our collective health, anymore.

58.16% of our people DIE of preventable disease.

Our country is sinking like a rock. We need to lose a lot of overhead and dead weight so we can get ourselves in shape, mentally and physically.

Medicine implies the correction of the damage we’ve done, and the consequence of wasting our good health.,

E-Care is broader and should include prevention of sickness and a strong drive towards health and wellness.

People don’t change because they see the light…

They only change when they feel the pain.

We feel the pain.

We must change.

And according to the IMF, and the Dutch, we will not be successful, unless we whip ourselves into shape.

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May 22, 2020
Rona Coster