Second Column Today: MinALS loses in court

Romar’s Trading Petition to Retire Employees must be Received by the Department of Labor

At the onset of the pandemic MinALS instructed his minions at the Department of Labor to refuse accepting petitions for workforce dismissal. They wouldn’t even accept letters and docs explaining WHY employers had to cull their work force. Don’t even try to reduce your overhead, was the minister’s message. Don’t even try to realign, adjust or reorganize your business, said the labor department, loud and clear. But the director should have known better.

The director of the Labor Department, an educated man, put the minister’s word above the law. Probably against his better judgement. He knew it was an illegal decree, yet decided the minister was god. A typical phenomenon in our culture where the politician is allowed to call all shots.

Many local employers had no choice but hire lawyers, and go to court. The courts in response protested they should NOT be doing the Department of Labor’s job. Acceptance of petitions is anchored by law and MinALS cannot decide differently.

The courts exposed MinALS, with his social view of the world; he PARALYZE the Department of Labor at the time when it was needed most.

Romar Trading’s lawsuit against GOA just published, in 24 hours. The court obliged the department to received petitions to dismiss employees. The department’s answer to any petition must be given within 12 weeks, and NOT within 20 weeks as was their bureaucratic practice. The department will be fined for a maximum of Awg 500.000, if it fails to perform, and GOA was charged for court and lawyer fees.

It’s a victory for Romar Trading, for commerce, still it doesn’t mean much, because while the department is obliged to accept and evaluate petitions, they can still reject them.

But the court called MinALS’ decision to paralyze his department, unfounded, violating the rights of the business community

The question remains, WHY do you need to ask the Labor’s Departments permission to fire — it is your business, your money, your risk, why is this catholic marriage style imposed?

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February 04, 2021
Rona Coster