I wish we could talk about Economic Affairs, or Finance, because there is where our biggest challenge lies.

We are broke, bankrupt, insolvent, penniless. And we should talk about that, not about petty scandals involving faulty Covid19 tests, whiny teachers concerned with the cost of facemasks, family doctors who threaten to strike, protesting caregivers, alarmed dentists, concerned specialists writing long letters, and now leaked documents.

Documents are leaked here all the time, so what’s the big deal?

This weekend’s leaked document got our attention, a PDF file of all Covid19 patients on the island; at first I thought it was a limited list, but I now understand it is complete.

How was the list created? Via the App or on a DVG computer.

I guess employees have access to lists, such as the list of quarantined patients to call or the list of quarantined patients to visit, but a complete list with emails, addresses, and telephone numbers?

What would that serve?

(and…. It wasn’t Mike Eman, nor Jerry Starring)

A large hotel chain here even warned its employees, it is against the law to circulate the file, if they receive it.

A clinic on the border of Eagle and Palm Beach issued a disclaimer, apologizing for the hassle, yet assuring its clients it wasn’t them.

It all points to the sad fact that we are running a very amateurish, sloppy, substandard health organizations, with zero respect to privacy.

And the public is tired of being outraged, between the hacking at the hospital, the fraud at the lab, the lost pap smears, the recent fire, the strange smells, the most distant but not forgotten defected design and construction, the suspensions at DVG, the reversal of those suspensions, the testing fiasco, now the leak of confidential patient info.

Expect the MinHealth to come up with some lame excuse, and we’re on to the next scandal.  

This weekend the media printed a number of additional measures designed to help AZV save 60Ms in 2020, as required by the Dutch.

Weekend dentist visits now carry a price tag, on the patient’s tab, certain remedies were taken off the GP prescription list and added to that of the specialist.   We heard we now have a co-pay for meds, and a co-pay to see the specialist; there are plenty of rumors.

Instead of being informed by the media, wouldn’t it be good if the minister came out with a nicely outlined plan? It takes political courage to assume political responsibility; instead of letting the media break the bad news, the minister should come out and explain.

Tell us. How do you plan on saving 60M. What is the strategy.

Dr. Ike Posner, made a good suggestion this weekend, to divert some minor operations to IMSan, for example, a battery change on a pacemaker.

Over the past 6 month we have postponed many procedures, and our system must eventually catch up with the need, by diverting cases to IMSan, and also adding perhaps another shift at the HOH operating rooms. But then an insider just reported we do not have the personnel to staff those operation rooms, and thus we only have two working, part time. They stay empty and unused the rest of the day.

Dear minister, as a leader, you get the ire and the glory, and you are the bearer of GOOD and BAD news, with equal courage and determination.

All these changes must have found their way to the legal department already, to be turned into laws, to be ratified at parliament. Why don’t you just tell us what to expect??


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August 24, 2020
Rona Coster