Save the Date, September 26th, from 10am for the Ling & Sons Annual Food Show

The Ling & Sons Super Center Food Show 2019 is heading into the Marriott Grand Ballroom and its three times bigger than last year’s!

The popular annual event will transform a show-visit into a much-enjoyed interactive experience.

Mark your calendar, Thursday, September 26th, from 10am to 6pm, in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino.

The show will have the latest gastronomic trends on display and will unveil the refreshed Ling & Sons logo, and look.

All retail and wholesale clients are invited, hoteliers, restaurateurs, event planners, catering chefs, food & beverage professionals, purchasing agents, and food lovers of all ages.

The show will promote all of the super center’s brands and quality products from around the world with a special emphasis on Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Exotic and Gourmet, best of all, it’s free of charge.

A raffle of 6 culinary trips to Miami, with Ling & Sons buyers, will reward show goers for attending.

Winners will explore how food is sourced in the USA and cared for until its arrival on store-shelves in Aruba.

To participate patrons are required to shop for Awg 50 at the store and receive a raffle ticket; or visit the food show as a consumer or retailer, and receive a ticket.

We can look forward to a spectacular display of super-premium fruits and vegetables including many exotic and new varieties, house-baked specialty breads, ready for the grill meats, tapas and international cheeses, fresh seafood and delicate sushi.

Popular, exclusive Ling & Sons recipes, you know what I mean, Tuna, Crab and Chicken Curry salads, will have a dedicated corner, as well as a Dutch station and a Holiday corner, with festive selections.

Romar Trading partnered with the food show to pair its fine lines of wine and beer with products on display.

An exclusive Spanish section will feature the amazing Capa Negra products of that country including Pata Negra the famous Jamón ibérico, Iberian ham, made from black Iberian pigs, fed a specific acorn diet, paired beautifully with Gancia Baquero cheeses.

Chefs will be cooking, bartender pouring, you cannot afford to miss

Call for more information: +297 521 2370 ext. 223 or 640 7002 or email: [email protected]


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September 12, 2019
Rona Coster