Salesmanship as it relates to Customer Satisfaction

I bought some new lamps recently at a mega store awarding fun miles for purchases. Then I called the electrician and made an appointment, mind you, I would have done it myself if I knew more about current, but they did not have that on my school curriculum.

So, the expert electrician shows up, rolls up his sleeves, installs the new lamps and inquire about the special European bulbs that fit into their sockets. Duh.

I don’t know. I did not realize I bought a European gadget with special needs. Grrr.

Anyway, I took another trip to that store, got the bulbs, screwed them in myself.

Same store, a few weeks later, I needed some TLC for my old BBQ. The sales associate was interested, she checked with the warehouse, shared her global concerns with me while we were waiting, I paid, got my fun miles, and called Mr. Fix It for an appointment.

So, Mr. Fix It shows up, but he couldn’t do much because of male/female attachments, I needed a widget for the job, but the sales associate didn’t ask any questions, and I wasn’t aware of gas tank connection differences.

I am taking another trip to that store today! Grrr.

It reminded me of an old joke.

This guy went to Walmart last Friday looking for Advil. Advil, said the sales associate, here you go, hope you feel better, soon, it’s Presidents Weekend, and luckily the weather is good.

No, said the man, it’s not me, it’s my wife, this flu season got her good.

Is that so?! The sales associate responded, your wife is under the weather, and you have all that time on your hands, maybe you should try fishing, we have these new automatic fishing rods that practically reel in fish themselves, also new just-arrived tackle boxes. You will however need a roof attachment for your car to transport your extra-long rods, but don’t worry we have those in stock. Hmmm, you have an old car, no problem, we have some amazing deals on new vehicles this weekend, I will be happy to show you!

Basically, I think anyone in retail should etch my old joke on their sales floor.

The Do it Center in Shaba has a feisty female sales associate in the plumbing department who knew to ask me the right questions when I came in for a new grey water pump. Kudos to her. I left with a male/female attachment AND a new hose! No pissed off repeat trip to the store required.

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February 19, 2018
Rona Coster