Salamander Holdings Company Meeting over Ice Cream Sundaes

Staff meeting aug 2009 032Salamander Holdings held it bi-annual company meeting this month sharing delicious ice-cream sundaes topped with helpful business information.

The do-it-yourself ice-cream sundaes bar was set up to inspire the creation of ultimate sundae extravaganzas. Company associates turned out to be expert dessert designers as they went about heaping their culinary masterpieces, layering cherry and whipped cream on top, and sometimes on the bottom. The upside down ice-cream sundaes were a hit, reminding associates of the all-important truth that by viewing things differently, you may often solve many challenges, and get the desired effect, in this instance, a delicious sundae by thinking out of the cone!

Our pictures show owner Jodi Tobman, Sales Manager Carina Molina and the company’s Operations Manager bowing to the Queen of the Day, Rouseanne de Weever, elevated to royal status thanks to her stellar performance in the past few months. In other images Tobman is handing out cash rewards to valued members of the Salamander Holdings Family celebrating 5 and 10 year anniversaries within the company, among them Nilo Arcilla, Supervisor of T.H. Palm & Company celebrating 5 years; Rowena Banal, Supervisor of The Coconut Trading Co. at the Marriott Ocean Club celebrating 5 years; and Judella Vos, Sales Associate at T.H. Palm & Company celebrating 10 years of service and outstanding creativity!

The group photo shows all associates who celebrated an anniversary since the last meeting, getting ready for cake, which chased the ice-cream sundaes for a sweet conclusion of the meeting.Staff meeting aug 2009 006

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September 12, 2009
Rona Coster