Rumpled bureau warns against tiki molester, and tiki dolor di cabes

The Rampspoed Bureau, METEO Aruba and DOW, joined together for a press conference yesterday designed to inform and pacify us, on the eve of the arrival of  91L, which according to the latest report at 9am on Thursday, is located southeast of the ABC islands and while it will bring rain, un tiki molester, it has no well-defined center of circulation, thus no name, just a tropical wave.

It might still organize in a day or two, but then it will hopefully be elsewhere.

The two first rumpled men appearing in front of the camera, inspired little, to no confidence, they twitched and fidgeted under the scrutiny of the camera’s eye, eyes rolling, hands jerking, shoulders clamped, and failed to infuse us with hope and a fighting spirit, in the face of possible danger.

What happened to get dressed nicely, shave, appear groomed, and energized when facing an audience?

The DOW veteran, wore a light-colored jacket, which by itself was a relief, he prepared; he was tentative, but a bit more confidence-inspiring then his two predecessors.

The press conference pitched against a dull grey/green background, with ZERO graphics is NOT necessary. We follow on line the National Hurricane Center, and the United States’ NOAA/National Weather Service, we also look at and a number of other well-informed FB pages from Curacao and Aruba, tracking and predicting tropical weather systems.

So, the people with access to information don’t required a press conferences, but those with little access do. Yet, the press conference they were offered was ill-prepared and terribly-presented.

Even the Aruba flag in the background, folded in shame.

And the language they use: Tiki Molester and Tiki Dolor di Cabes, etc. you are NOT talking to children. Weather has a language, and professional terms, and what we saw was a Dutch-laced Papiamento, filled with eingelieks, which is a sort of apologetic way of saying what needs to be said.

Everyone was so apologetic, including DOW asking locals to sweetly help open water ways, they blocked, to assist the flow of rain water.

Kudos to press members, I heard Tito Lacle, who asked questions and stayed awake during the session.

Let’s hope Aruba is as lucky as always.

But we should be concerned with climate-change affecting our island.



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October 06, 2022
Rona Coster