Rudy you look great, you don’t sound so good

Returning your royal Dutch decoration? No sweat. I suspect you received it as a token of appreciation from your cronies, the entitled elite, not because you worked your butt off in a Centro di Barrio in the service of this community.

At leisure, you had buckets of fun with your Harley friends, the TTT motor club, the terrible Tuesday thunderbirds, definitely not sweating in some soup kitchen or delivering breakfast to school kids.

And that’s ok. We can’t all be saints.   

And we also appreciate your involvement in music, with Grupo di Betico!!

But, you’re protesting now, against what you call the annexation of Aruba, by Dutch politicians.

Well, you should have been a better leader for our people, you were part of that group of active politicians for many years, and you contributed to the system that turned government into a business, never about managing the country, costing us Awg 4M a day, Awg 120M a month, in tax money, Awg 3,000 per household, without delivering real value to education, technology, alternative energy, health care or the economy.

The system you are defending by your protest is bankrupt, kaput, bashi.

But YOU are personally protected, you are nicely pensioned, you did not even have to pay pension premiums at the time, in order to secure retirement.

By returning your decoration you are insulting the Dutch kingdom, and we need all the goodwill we can recruit right now, on the brink of disaster.

You are not helping us.

In fact, you were never of great help. You have a history of anti-Dutch rhetoric and theatrics.

And I remember, faintly, we have a tendency to forget things here, that under your leadership as the Minister of Justice, DIMAS was removed from your portfolio because of some work permit irregularities and some questionable passports, and the kingdom issued a KB, koninklijke beschikking, a royal decree, under your watch.

That was a big deal then. No one remembers anything about it now, but you have a history of dramatic gestures, threatening to breaks all ties with The Netherlands and stop collaborating, but that was just noise, noise made to protect the status quo that only few privileged families benefited from.

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September 02, 2020
Rona Coster