Rooi Santo is Calling

Does the Santo stand for sand or holiness, I wonder? I guess just sand.

We went for a hike in Rooi Santo last Sunday. It took us about 70 minutes, from parking our cars as Ting Wei Supermarket, to getting back into them just before sunset.

It’s an easy, leisurely hike, no need for any survival safari gear. Maybe a flashlight in case night falls earlier than expected because you took your time, oohing and aaahing the cacti.

Take the road to the side of the food store, then make a right down a residential street and a left, and off you go, you are in the Boroncana mondi, in wilderness.

The path would lead you at a pleasant incline to the top of Seroe Pela –  your GPS might reveal you have arrived at Rancho Azul and the North Shore Cottage, it then rolls downhill towards the ocean.

The ocean is roiling at this point, crashing, big drama, white caps, and salty spray. Gorgeous.

We swung around, making a loop slightly to the north and started climbing up among tall, magnificent cacti, 127 genera with some 1750 known species, well almost, but they are very photogenic, I took pictures, my companion said it reminded him of Tuscany!

Tierra del Sol is visible at this point, hanging on the Anabui ridge, marking the sky line.

The terrain in the rooi is surprisingly red, the color of rust, a testimony to the content of iron oxides in the dirt. It is hard when dry and a sticky messy when wet.

Just before leaving the rooi, we took a stroll through Prima Vista, a villa neighborhood with immense mansions, most of the empty, and silent.

DIP must have been working overtime to inspect all these construction sites. Naht.  

While the wilderness was surprisingly clean, no plastic bags, no Styrofoam containers, some of the Prima Vista’s edges were terribly littered. I guess the neighbors only care about what’s happening inside their gates.

Good news: No boas. Not a single one.

My walking companion was hoping to run into the neighborhood donkeys, but we saw none.

Great Sunday happy hour activity. Highly recommended. You can conclude the exercise session with a cold beer and French fries at 080, or stick to being good, go home to have some spring water and steamed veggies.

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May 14, 2018
Rona Coster