Roger Schimmel and Douglas Rey, now at the helm of Century 21

After 24 years of fruitful activity in the field of real estate in Curacao and Aruba, Rene van der Spaan made a decision to sell his interest in Century 21 Aruba Real Estate, while still staying on board as sales associate and senior advisor to management.

V/d Spaan reports that Century 21 has been his pride and joy since opening day more than ten years ago, when he created the one-stop-shop for all real estate transactions, buying, selling, renting, or renting out. The centrally located office, in Noord, staffed by experienced professionals, makes real estate look easy and even fun.

In the search for a perfect successor, V/d Spaan explains, he was looking for local talent, an experienced, trustworthy and dynamic executive, enthusiastic about taking his beloved company over. Douglas Rey who was already hired as managing director since October 2019, and V/d Spaan, decided to approach Roger Schimmel, at the time, commercial manager for Citizen Insurance in Aruba and Curacao. Together they discussed a possible affiliation, and the spark of interest evolved into a formal agreement, a takeover of Century 21, by Roger Schimmel and Douglas Rey.

Schimmel explains he has been looking for a meaningful change having worked in the insurance sector all his life, first as Managing Director for Ennia, then for Ohra Mortgage bank, and lately for Citizen Insurance, on both islands.

Schimmel’s experience in real estate development and real estate financing, made him the perfect candidate for the takeover, especially in view of his excellent standing in the community, his impeccable reputation, and his profound knowledge of the subject — he is also a teacher at the University in Aruba, lecturing on Insurance Management.

Douglas Rey finished his International Business and Management studies in the Netherlands and has been in the real estate industry since 2013 before he joined Century 21 Aruba Real Estate. He is in possession of solid experience in real estate on the island and provides strong leadership and well-honed management skills to the team.

In turn, v/d Spaan wishes the new owners all the best in keeping up the company’s leading position in Aruba’s real estate market.

If you are thinking about making a purchase, and really live your dream, whether resident or non-resident, or if you’re thinking of selling a property, renting long term, a home, an apartment, or perhaps a commercial property, Century 21 will find your perfect sale, investment, or home, and prove itself as a worthy partner, and intermediary, in all business transactions. You can contact Roger Schimmel at [email protected] and/or Douglas Rey at [email protected].




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August 04, 2020
Rona Coster