Roads in total disruption

My friend, story-teller Clyde Harms circulated an article just recently regarding the painfully bureaucratic license plate procedure.

How the little person’s patience is stretched to the max, when standing in a long line in the sun, at DIMP.

Apparently Harms wrote about it first, six years ago, expressing hope for the system to get more efficient. His optimism was trashed this week, when he found out nothing changed, on the contrary, to his humble opinion, things have become worse.

And he is making a suggestion, to stagger the collection of new license plates throughout the year, instead of clumping it all together in the first months.

He is hoping DIMP will be thinking out of the box.  

Because according to his calculation the painfully bureaucratic license plate procedure has cost the economy ONE and A HALF hours per person times 60.000 people standing in lines, that is 11,250 work days – with 220 work days a year that amounts to 51 work-years, down the toilet, thanks to the inefficiency of the tax department.

I think my story teller friend could have taken his calculations much further:

What about the closing of the two main roads to Oranjestad for 3 months at Seroe Blanco, and 6 months at Meiveld; the closing of the crossroads of Sasaki at Wendy’s Noord until further notice, because they have been waiting for traffic lights spare parts for 10 months which have to come in from Poland… because they have never heard of Fedex – or what about sending me to Poland to fetch the parts…the closing of the beachfront road at Amsterdam Manor, and Blue Residence, the closing of the crossroads at Ling & Sons, 3 months, the closing of the crossroads at Santa Helenaweg going out of Oranjestad to Ponton, 1 month, and closing of the the road at EPB because of the required new junction towards Ling & Sons.

BEST OF ALL, mid high season, in the months when we are busiest….and nobody complains, nothing heard from ATIA, AHATA, Chamber of Commerce, Central Bank, trade unions, Oranjestad Business Association, the San Nicolas Business Association…Parliament…NOBODY

Complete silence. It is OK with them to have our lives disrupted for lack of planning.

Why can’t you move from one project to the next, why clump them all together??


With such a brilliantly orchestrated Carnival, how can we be so complacent and inefficient in all other areas???

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March 08, 2019
Rona Coster