Restless in KIA

The issue is never the issue.

If people talk about A, it is because they give themselves permission to talk about A, while they really want to discuss B, but are too scared or ashamed to touch the subject.

So as far as KIA is concerned, the issue is not the issue.

The director, GW, was probably trying to run KIA as a prison, the way prisons are supposed to be run and that includes rules and regulations that apply to prisoners and workers.

But my guess is that workers are not used to having rules and regulation imposed, and any attempt to enforce anything is considered as a breach on individual freedom, of over 30 years.

I understand it hurts to be told to do your job, but you get paid to do your job and that’s the whole issue, the rest is just noise.

On the surface GW reported his life is being menaced. For his safety he opted or perhaps was directed to stay home, but in fact he was working at the Balashi station.

These are serious allegations, says the head of the TOPA union, if he IS working, why not from his office at the prison? And this issue, of where the director physically sits, prompted a walk out.


There was also a list of 11 questions, handed to the Minister of Justice during the walk out. The bottom line according to KIA staffers, GW gotta go home, forever.

I went through the list.

Kia staffers are just BIG crybabies; they don’t like their managers to manage them.

There is also a political aspect here. GW was appointed by the former minister of Justice, Andin Bikker, but now the current minister, Rocco Tjon, would like to see his own candidate on the throne.

The move has a price tag.

GW is a qualified, highly educated man, who earns a considerable salary. If you send him home, you gotta pay him and Aruba presently had FOUR highly paid chiefs languishing, out to pasture, collecting, without specific assignments.

To his defense, you could say, that GW makes waves everywhere he goes. I don’t really know why his stint in Noord came to an end. Then in St Nicolas he performed a well-publicized magic trick. He cleaned up the station, literally, in full view of the press, sorting, discarding, shredding, clearing and dumping, what the hoarders at the station accumulated for decades.

So trouble seems to follow the second-generation Policeman who talks a very good talk, but somehow stirs controversy. I know why. He cut/eliminated the sky-high overtime payments.

Cracking down on overtime payments wasn’t popular.

Attached to KIA as director, on June 7th, 2019, GW was formally nominated on May 14th, 2021, so the Minister of Justice knew what he was getting, after almost two years of matrimony.

Some people imply it is perhaps a personality conflict. But I think it’s just the customary resistance of all GOA employees to change.

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February 17, 2022
Rona Coster