Resort Assistant Manager Rufo Ruiz nominated for Hilton’s CEO Light & Warmth Award

With 700 nominations throughout the chain and only 13 honorees selected, the resort’s Night Manager of the past 32 years is now part of a special and influential group of Team Members having been recognized by the CEO of Light & Warmth with an award.

Rufo has recently received a four-page nomination letter outlining his much appreciated contributions, for consistently setting an example of professionalism and service, after-hours.

In his position as the man in charge in the evening and late night, Rufo very often finds himself at the heart of health crisis, helping guests cope with unforeseen circumstances, doctor visits, trips to the hospital and the pharmacy, dealing with anything from allergic reactions and lost backpacks, to monitoring the level of music in the neighboring night clubs. Rufo takes ownership of any situation and makes sure the issue is satisfactorily resolved before the end of his shift at day-break.

“In my many years of working in the hospitality business, I have yet to encounter someone with such passion, care and genuine sense of hospitality as Rufo,” says hotel manager Jacques Monteil. “He is the reason that all us can sleep soundly at night, and rest assured that the hotel will be well taken care of. His honesty, sincerity and integrity are known to everyone – team members as well as industry partners outside the hotel. When you give Rufo an assignment you are guaranteed it will be completed in time and in the best possible way.” 

Above all, guests are grateful for Rufo’s involvement and availability, and as a result they frequently post comments and reviews about Rufo’s helpful and friendly attitude.

A recent 5-star Trip Advisor review stated that: “Mainly, what prompted me to write this review was the exceptional customer service and care we received from night manager Rofino Riuz, who personally drove and accompanied us to the nearby ER & on-call pharmacy very early Sunday morning. Thank you Hilton for employing such an exceptional manager who goes above‐and beyond for his guests.”

Making guests feel welcomed and cared for, that is Rufo’s specialty, living the Hilton Values, making an impact, and spreading the light and warmth of hospitality, every day.

Congratulations Rufo, your colleagues at the resort and Aruba at large is proud of your well-deserved accolades.


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June 03, 2019
Rona Coster