Recognitions at La Cabana

La Cabana honorees

La Cabana honorees

The associates of the month for April, May, June, July & August were announced at a special luncheon organized by the department of human resources, which also recognized the departmental supervisors who distinguished themselves for that period.

The resort management and staff members took time out to praise nominees for their stellar performances as well as celebrate long time commitments to hospitality, applauding those completing ten and fifteen uninterrupted years of service.

After announcing the nominees, the winners were called up to receive their recognition plaques, token-of-gratitude cheques, certificates and other thoughtful gifts among them Errel Tromp of Engineering, Cielo Orozco of Housekeeping, Desiree Henriquez of Owners’ Reservations, Emanuel Antonio of Engineering and Luz Adriana Danje, of the Kitchen. Among top managers Helen Werleman of the Executive Office received top honors for her consistently valuable assistance.

Pictured here, recognitions at La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club with general manager Joe Najjar, thanking his associates for applying themselves every day.

The recognition ceremonies also included many improvised, impromptu speeches enjoyed over a delicious lunch buffet.

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September 02, 2008
Rona Coster