Real peace is accompanied by love, compassion, justice and forgiveness

Sunday afternoon saw a substantial group of locals, dressed in white, carrying white balloons, walking solemnly from the Ritz Carlton roundabout to the beach police station on Palm Beach.

The procession moved slowly behind a giant banner dedicated to Camilo Alejandro Carreno Sosa, 22, who lost his life violently on Sunday, September 2nd, at 3am, stabbed in the parking lot behind Soprano’s with his identified killer still at large.

The community noticed recently that some billboards went up in strategic places asking for the public’s assistance, in capturing Ryson Paskel, 19, accused of the heinous crime.

The walk, escorted by the Police, culminated with Camilo’s mother call for love, compassion, justice and forgiveness. She asked her fellow-islanders to show tolerance and patience, and heal the recent wave of teen-violence with kindness and empathy.

She is an exceptional woman, as she talked about healing holding her baby grandson’s hand, Matthew, still too young to understand his dad is never coming back.

As the procession went by Playa Linda Beach Resort, store employees, restaurant waiters and hotel workers lined up both sides of the street in solidarity. It was a very emotional moment.

May Camilo’s memory be a blessing, and to his family members and friends, please accept our sincere sympathies.

We read the unfortunate incident report on line, at various media outlets, but when a news item assumes the form of a grieving, heroic mother, a fatherless baby, a saddened and despaired community, all attempting to deal with an inexplicable loss, it becomes a personal matter, and it matters.

While the local Police never reached out to the grieving family, and to date failed to located and arrest the fugitive, we want to hear from the MinJust that apprehending the suspect is the #1 priority on his list.     

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October 29, 2018
Rona Coster