Reaction by the group of neighbors to the developments in Seroe Colorado

The group of neighbors in Seroe Colorado living on the border of the terrain allotted to the construction of the hotel in Seroe Colorado has noted the sentence of 7 July 2023 by the Court.

In the sentence, the minister has assigned the minister with the responsibility to come to a new decision regarding the building permit, this time taking into consideration the objections of the group of neighbors.

The group wishes to emphatically state that they are not against development in Seroe Colorado, but rather that they hope there is attention to create balance between the living conditions of the residents and the development.

This balance entails the avoidance of confrontation and should ensure harmony in the neighborhood in which this development takes place.

Unfortunately, the space in the neighborhood is limited, which requires the careful planning of any development that is to happen.

Currently, the construction causes a hindrance and nuisance to the residents of the neighborhood, which has in effect been turned into a construction zone.

The construction takes place continuously and without prior notice, often during the weekends and including as late as 3.30am.

The heavy cement trucks produce intrusive noise disturbance to the residents, combined with (simultaneous) use of bright spotlights that are mounted in such a way that they directly shine into the houses of the residents at all hours.

The neighbors would like to draw attention to comparable hotel developments in other areas of the island, where the hotels are located in a meticulously planned way, according to a plan such as the zoning plan of Sasaki Associates in the 80s.

In the hotel developments in other regions of the island, the nearest residences are located at least 300 meters but often at 400 metered of distance. In Seroe Colorado, however, this massive all-inclusive hotel is planned for construction at only 25 meters of distance from the nearest residences.

We believe that the situation should not be resolved exclusively by lawyers but that independent experts on spatial development should weigh in and advise the parties.


Concerned neighbors of hotel project at Seroe Colorado

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August 09, 2023
Rona Coster