RdA Down the Rabbit Hole

There has been some noise coming out of the refinery. The workers’ union voiced protest, and aired some pretty dirty laundry. Basically, no one gets paid. The terminal is empty, no ships coming in. Local contractors have not seen a black-cent since November. And there is a breakdown in communication between the officials and the few remaining CITGO terminal hourly operators, that off-load the FMSA bound fuel destined to power our cars and supply the airport jet fuel.

The Members of OIWA are unhappy and threatened a strike.

Someone must go down there and read them the writing on the wall.

Because the writing is clear. In the wake of the imminent death of Venezuela, PDVSA and CITGO are as good as dead. And indeed, because of the recently imposed US sanctions, the project is now officially “on pause,” having previous been in a “slow down.”

But now it is clear that by February 27th all USA affiliated personnel has to beat it. And by March 24th, all ties to CITGO must be severed.

Something about the treasury department licensing. It is expiring.

And members of OIWA probably don’t want to accept the ugly BIG picture.

A few months ago, it seemed that Goa was getting ready to pull out of the CITGO agreement. Then, one of my smart friends volunteered to read the agreement for me, and comment on it. How convenient, I did not have to read the document myself.

He reports: The agreement says that if either party has a dispute with the other, then such a “Dispute” must be resolved through a “Negotiation Process.” Then they have 30 days to resolve the dispute…or they begin the “Mediation Process,” which takes another 60 days. And then if it is not resolved they will go into “Arbitration Process.”

So basically, the Negotiation- and Mediation Process end up in a never-ending loop. This agreement was not written by a legal genius, but it was certainly signed by a fool. Money must have changed hands for someone to accept that kind of rabbit hole scenario.

Specifically, the “Umbrella,” makes all other agreements worthless in terms of getting CITGO to comply with their obligations.

I wish these could be published on a public website for everyone to read, he adds, and goes on.

In the interim, the good guy at RdA, Ray Buckley, is sent out to pasture, and the sly fox, Director Alvin Koolman, is hanging on, despite persistent rumors. He recently hired the former IOWA President Michael Koolman even though the later has no useable talent or experience within RdA. That former mechanic, now on the RdA management team embodies Aruba’s deep-rooted, corrupt practice of hiring people for who they know, rather than what they know!

Back to the Crisis du Jour: Alvin Koolman, needs to step up and assure us the continued operation of FMSA and the delivery of fuel to the airport and local gas stations regardless if IOWA goes on strike.

A foot note on RdA: According to my learned friend, the crude operation, boiling and mixing Venezuelan’s heavy Orinoco Gold, is a worthwhile economic pursuit, if we find the right operator. The refinery portion of the biz is dead, but the crude operation is valuable – estimated replacement value 8.3 billion. We just have to clean up Venezuela, AND find the right operator. Then we’re in the money.  


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February 08, 2019
Rona Coster