Rapid Tests, still banned, until when?

I recently read that in England all secondary-school students are asked to take a rapid test, or a rapid lateral flow test, every three to five days and that allows them a more normal education experience, when they go to school with the knowledge that school is safe.

Where are our self-tests, I asked?

I wrote about this before, when a local Botica asked Inspectie Geneesmiddelen and DVG permission to sell these kits. Unfortunately, for what you may call political and financial reasons, the authorities never bothered to answer the petition, but they sprang into action and confiscated all, when the Botica placed the kits on its shelves, and banned this universally accepted, useful, cheap, handy, anti-corona weapon.

In Europe, you get the kits for 8.95 in gas stations, supermarkets and convenience store. And United Airlines allows passengers on international flights to self-test upon re-entry to the USA, because it meets CDC requirements.

But Inspectie Geneesmiddelenand DVG don’t trust us, that we could stick a swab up our noses, and wait 15 minutes, they don’t think very highly of us. They must think we are morons, yet these tests are a simple as pregnancy tests.

The only columnist who wrote about this issue, back in May when it happened, was Amigoe’s Nico van der Zee. He outlined the use of self-tests, vs the more expensive varieties, and then explained why the Aruban Dr Fauci barred them: Political and financial motives

Some just say follow the money.

(There is some unbelievable stuff going on in our health care system, crashing under completely ineffective management practices. The holy trinity of SOGA-AZV-HOH makes for a very expensive total care bill for the island.)

One of my friends writes: The COVID-19 paranoia in Aruba has reached its peak and public health authorities seem to have lost their common sense completely.

If you come down with an ordinary cold, which in the last few rainy and coolish weeks has happened to many Arubans, a cold normally accompanied by sneezing, coughing, and a runny nose, you are obliged to take a PCR test, and often have to pay for it yourself.

Fail to take the test and your employer can fire you now.

It seems that there is a conspiracy in DVG Aruba to do as many PCR tests as possible which seems to benefit mostly HOH, in making profits on tests they buy wholesale in Europe and sell expensively here

Ask yourself why self-tests and test kits sold by pharmacies were banned and prohibited by Inspectie Geneesmiddelen and DVG Aruba??

Because the “tests cartel” in Aruba wants to monopolize the market and like any organized syndicate jack up prices.

And you can now lose your job if you don’t do the PCR.

This is a very cleverly disguised protection scheme, where you must pay to do the PCR test, if you want to keep your job.

And DVG is an integral part of that, hiding behind Sharine Koolman.

It should be a physician’s deciding whether you need to do a test and not by default, because DVG Aruba says so, based on criteria which are not evidence based.

Inspectie Geneesmiddelen: The Drugs Inspector

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September 06, 2021
Rona Coster