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The Day WhatsApp Went Down

Just like a modern day Moses, the MinPres stepped out of the Parliament building and decreed, “Thou shall Klem no more.” And with just five little words he put an end to the offensive, aggressive, yellow boot, which he already announced he was nixing, in November. At the end, this whole AruParking mess became a platform for the MinPres to look like a hero.

It was a decent idea, we don’t mind paying something for parking, but the main street merchants believe that fear of the menacing boot, keeps shoppers away. So the MinPres did away with it, just like that.

Earlier in the day, the former MinTour issued a statement that it was all the MinJust’s fault, because he did not grant parking attendants the power to issue fines and warning. So AruParking ‘had no choice’ but resort to extreme measures to enforce the law adopted in parliament by a full-house.

It was a memorable day, the day the Klem was banished, WhatsApp went down across the world, and we were crushed, we couldn’t spread the good news.

Coffee Anyone?

I stopped at Coff4You last week, and heard it was closing that day. There must be a story there, about and an unsuccessful partnership between Zobaida Baroud and Mireille Laaf. The place had a good vibe, always, and when it first opened with Natali Samardzic, it was hopping. The Italian Filicori coffee was great, and the business community loved it. Marcia Guest was there all the time.

From a business point of view I never understood how the place could make it with such a low average check, but it did for a while. Then the coffee shop was taken over by Juan Bocache. He made some changes, introduced ice cream, but did not make it. Then the current partnership took over in November of last year. Their FB post says they are closed for renovations. Who knows for how long.

But do not despair. The Coffee Table is cute, and serves Italian Lavazza coffee, which is equally delicious. The place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it is super cute inside and they serve lunch: Salads, wraps, Panini sandwiches. I saw the barista of Coff4You at the Coffee Table. So not all is lost!

And talking about new places:

We went for dinner, then breakfast at Chicken & Lobster. Why? Because with such a plain and uninspired name, we had to check things out. Besides, it was a long weekend.

Dinner: We had a gorgeous piece of fresh Wahoo for dinner, escorted by lovely vegetable. They serve homemade foccacia bread, and the dessert was yummy. Most enjoyable experience.

Then for breakfast, it definitely had a wow factor. Breakfast for Champions is plentiful. I had the Farmer’s Breakfast with free range eggs, a salad and homemade bread. Coffee so-so, but overall good quality, good value.

So why did you call the place Chicken & Lobster, we asked. So that people know what we served was the answer, in typical Dutch common sense.

When Amuse moved to Bucutiweg and became a sunset restaurant, one of Aruba’s Wine and Dine managers, Rutger Herber, saw an opportunity and ventured out on his own. So far so good!

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May 04, 2017
Rona Coster