Random thoughts on the eve of a holiday

The results of the recent lawsuit between parliament and a certain media personality fizzled predictably with a loss for parliament. From the public’s reaction one could ascertain that many sided with Thijsen trying to curb disrespectful behavior. His motives were clear only he picked faulty methods, reacting emotionally, imposing restrictions that cannot and should not be enforced. We are a democracy and the media is free to wave the Freedom of Speech banner every time it feels threatened.

The lamentable incident – lamentable reporting from the seat of government, and lamentable  verdict — brought back memories of some wise advice given to me by a friend when I shared with him my decision to ‘ground’ my then teenage son. Don’t do it, said the wise man, because then you have to stay home to enforce the punishment, and you will be punishing yourself.

Think about another method, something more effective, you can’t just get rid of the problem, you have to deal with it.

Similar thoughts came to my mind when I read the raw, graphic interview on December 18th on 24Ora of the now jailed Gabriel Martiens sharing the consequences of Eugene Frans’ tragic death and the events leading to the hospitalization and consequent death of Rishandroh Anastacia. It is a difficult read as this problematic, immature man, unfit to be a father recounts that he was just disciplining his kids for unruly behavior. His account is filled with magical-thinking, the belief that all will be well in the morning, and that he could walk away any time, clearly indicating the long-term use of drugs and the inability to make good decisions.

With an action-packed weekend ahead of us, fueled by food, drink and leisure, our patience will surely be tested. Our decision making ability perhaps affected. Think about it when you accept that umpteen cocktail and decide to drive, or when you opt to finally settle the score with your pesky mother in law.

I wish you a great holiday, an uneventful one.

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December 23, 2017
Rona Coster