Raiz, a change in the political panorama

Sunday, Raiz inaugurated its HK in Koyari, in an abandoned, now refreshed cunucu house, painted light gray, the party’s color of choice.

The young organization had 60 days to mobilize before the elections of 2017, and has for the past three years been slowly moving to nurture and groom a well prepared generation of leaders through its Good Governance Academy.

Ursell Arends remains the party’s political leader for the upcoming 2021 election, and the party he says will run on a social, democratic, and progressive platform with 21 candidates on the list, positions to be finalize at a later date.

The inauguration featured a drive-thru coffee-morgen, where supporters remained in their cars and collected their coffee, tea and a box of goodies in the morning; homemade soup, later in the day.

Ursell says, the party sprinted during the 2017 election, and is now on a long distance marathon; he is confident RAIZ will garner enough votes to enter parliament and consequently government, in the next cabinet.

At the time, the party achieves 2,107 votes, with just five candidates, not enough to reach the electoral quota of 2,792.

According to Arends, Aruba will eventually sign an aid-agreement with the Dutch and a financial supervision organ will be helping the island get back on its feet, but meanwhile he had mailed more than two dozen questions to the Dutch premier, seeking clarity regarding the role of parliament and the role of government, under enhanced guidance.  

Ursell has been the Operations Manager at La Quinta Beach Resort since graduating with a bachelor degree in International business. His Linked In profile describes him as: Experienced Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Skilled in Event Planning, Operations Management, Environmental Compliance, Customer Service, and Sports Management.

Soft-spoken — he thinks before he speaks — he will be a refreshing, refined addition to our brash and rash political landscape.



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October 06, 2020
Rona Coster