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This is the translation of an article in the AD, Antilliaans Dagblad, by George Lichtveld, Curacao. It could have been written in Aruba. Very relevant.

Unprecedented injustice

PIN leader Suzy Camelia-Römer — PIN is Partido Inovashon Nashonal, one of the many running for elections in Curacao — thinks COHO and the national package deliver ‘unprecedented injustice’.

The PIN leader accuses the Netherlands of wrongfully enforcing the implementation of the Landspakket and COHO, the Caribbean Agency for Reform and Development, in Curacao, in exchange for liquidity support. The Netherlands should not complain, but open up its wallet to alleviate the island’s financial needs, period, without setting conditions.

Her position is so utterly incredulous – to the point of insanity – and so unreal, that I don’t know where to begin to expose the hypocrisy and deceitfulness, says writer George Lichtweld, but in the interest of the country, let me give it a try, he adds.

What Suzy wishes to portray as blackmail and / or abuse of power is actually a last attempt of the Netherlands, to where all previous attempts to enforce good governance by our local politicians, failed. With the Landspakket and COHO, the Netherlands has in fact done its homework for our politicians who simply have not been able to draw up any action plan, let alone implement it.

The Hague, like a schoolteacher, has neatly listed what should be done, and is now attempting to enforce implementation, financed by its own resources.

This is because The Hague realizes that otherwise Curaçao citizens (and incidentally also Aruban and Sint Maartens) will become completely helpless. Let’s face it, we were heading downhill long before the Covid pandemic.

As the pandemic hit, the Netherlands stopped the catastrophic acceleration of our economic decline, caused by the crisis, by acting drastically – pouring their own money into our economy.

Suzy must understand that the latest Dutch COHO & Landspakket action is ‘long overdue’, the Netherlands has tolerated the administrative mess cause by our local politicians, including Suzy, and dragged it on, far too long.

Suzy bears joint responsibility for the ongoing, inadequate and incompetent administration that in intrinsic to the system, and is therefore one of the reasons why the Netherlands is now taking such an uncompromising position, this time determined to put an end to our administrative fiascos.

This is not just about incompetence, which could be explained.

This is about an inbred culture of corruption that has silently been tolerated as the fate of the island, a fact that we simply must live with.

This is an inherent situation originating in the past and strengthened by strong inferiority complexes, that wouldn’t cure, or go away.

We have suffered from a diseased administrative culture, that continues to infect our civil service, which, due to years of lingering paralysis, is unable to resist the impulses, ineptitude, incompetence and greed of political rulers.

Suzy is known for her great aversion to the leadership in The Hague to whom she attributes colonial reprehensible West Indian attitudes and prejudices.

Please note, these allegations against administrators in The Hague are directed to people who make hundreds of millions available for emergency aid to our country.

Her aversion to them, however, is not ethnically, historically or culturally motivated.

It is based only on her enormous dislike to be controlled from above and be told what to do.


And certainly because of those rotten makambas, whom she cannot manipulate and with whom she cannot compete, verbally.

She can play the local politicians, but not the ones in The Hague.

So she again stirs an ambiance against the Netherlands by raging against the so-called terrible injustice that the Netherlands is inflicting upon us.

Let it be clear: Curacao is one thousand time safer with COHO and in the hands of the Dutch, then in the hands of manipulative, nepotistic local politicians who have proven time and again to abuse their position of power, only for their own benefit.

The gibberish of the PIN leader against The Hague sounds ridiculous and unreal, but in the end it can be explained when we realized that she is only fighting to get her party financed, and left to its own unsupervised ways, to feed on Curacao’s resources. But that would only be possible if The Hague is kept away.

Right now, The Hague is here to stay.


George Lichtveld, Curaçao

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February 22, 2021
Rona Coster