PWC Meets Santa at Garufa Ultra Lounge

The crew of PWC met Santa at Garufa Ultra Lounge having enjoyed a great dinner party at El Gaucho Argentine Grill. Santa was personally delivering gifts to all Tax, Assurance, Advisory and Business Accounting Services, team members.

Nevertheless, after receiving theirs envelopes, true to their analytical minds, they tried to challenge Santa, giving him an accounting audit and a technical evaluation with questions such as, how does he manage the visit approximately 378 million children in just 31 hours – taking into consideration different time zones — sliding down and then up 967.7 chimneys per second, having parked the sleigh, filled stockings, distributed the remaining presents under the tree, eaten whatever snacks have been left for him, then jumped back into the sleigh to get on to the next house. The auditors just couldn’t believe his around-the-world 75.5 million mile trip report, not counting bathroom stops and breaks!
Pictured here the team from Tax, Assurance, Advisory and Business Accounting Services, helping Santa to work smarter, navigating the risks and regulations, positioning him to pull ahead of his competition in 2012.

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December 25, 2011
Rona Coster