Promotion of Ada Luis Peña Ramirez in The Salamander Group


Sometimes in life, you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince. That’s how it was with Ada’s previous work history before she found her place with The Salamander Group.

Recently, Ada Luis Peña Ramirez took the leap to leave her job as a sales associate and join the leadership team as a supervisor at T.H. Palm & Company. She brings that special flame of interest to every aspect of the job.

Over the years she worked in all of their popular stores. Her welcoming smile and engaging personality lit up The Lazy Lizard, T.H. Palm & Company, The Juggling Fish and The Juggling Fish Swimwear Boutique. Her passion for under-

standing the style & fit of The Juggling Fish swimwear lines had many clients seek her out to receive expert fittings from the selection of the broad range of mix and match bikinis, tankinis and bottoms. Her expertise encouraged clients to purchase swimwear which best complemented their unique form, leading them to return to The Juggling Fish swimwear boutique (located beachside at Playa Linda Beach Resort) again and again. The satisfaction Ada had from that experience lit her fire to understand the retail industry.

At T.H. Palm & Company, The Salamander Groups flagship store, that fire was stoked. Ada became interested in understanding what made the Gift Givers Heaven such a popular local spot to shop at. She watched many from the local population of Aruba stop in whenever they needed some retail therapy or a gift for a loved one and she made it her mission to see not only what drew them in but how she could interest them in returning again.

Ada recently shared that what she likes most about her job is the challenge, that every day there are new opportunities to learn and grow. Her desire to serve clients with passion and affection excites her. The Salamander Group family is a good home, “I am more than grateful to be part of this beautiful family” she said.

Managing Director, Jodi Tobman said that of all of the thousands and thousands of words she’s heard Ada speak over this past decade, that last sentence was the one she enjoyed the most. “It’s a wonderful feeling to watch the people who work with you bloom” said Tobman. Ada Luisa Peña Ramirez has done just that.

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March 02, 2024
Rona Coster