At Professional Pest Control, Master Technicians Training continued by Laureen Eman

DSC09688 Recently Professional Pest Control, Aruba’s oldest, largest and most professional pest control company, started to train her technicians to become “Master Technicians.” This Tuesday Laureen Eman, a marketing specialist, continued these courses by training all staff on “Client Communication”

Professional Pest control has an ecological approach to pest management that effectively manages pests in a way that minimizes adverse effects on people and the environment. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) emphasizes an understanding of pest biology and behavior, and employs a number of different strategies designed to reduce the things pests need to survive and reproduce, including food, water, living space, and a way into the building.

Our clients need to be advised by our technicians on which IPM steps they can easily take themselves. This will result in a pest free and more comfortable living environment.

The goal of “Professional Pest Control” is of course to increase the quality of services, to increase safety for customers and employees but also to really enable the technicians to come up with the best advice and treatment possible in any given situation.

Photos show Professional Pest Control’s employees in their new training facilities.

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July 06, 2009
Rona Coster