Professional Pest Control trains Master Technicians


Roy Soderquist, the representative of Univar, the leading distributor in pest control products and equipment in the USA, came to Aruba just recently to jump-start the certification process of Professional Pest Control employees from Service Agents to Master Technicians.

The Master Technician course, upgrading knowledge and skill, has the of duration of 250 hours, when taken it individually on line, offering 50 difference five-hour sessions, culminating with a written exam.

Soderquist, a licensed Univar instructor visited the crew of Professional Pest Control and conducted a company-wide extensive training, marking the launch of the certification drive.

Pictured here, raising the bar on safety and service, the team of Professional Pest Control, Aruba’s oldest and most professional pesticide applicator, in the brand new learning facility built just last year, initiating the Master Technician schooling.

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April 01, 2009
Rona Coster