Professional Pest Control Presented Bird Barrier, an exclusive partnership with the U.S.A largest Bird Control Company

P9300062As some hotels and restaurants are experiencing challenges with birds, who drop in to join guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner Professional Pest Control was called in for advice and help.
According to Managing Director Anthony Wever birds are becoming accustomed to the presence of humans and know exactly where to get access to easy meals and at which time service begins.
Because Professional Pest Control provides pest management to the majority of the hotels on Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire, it sough alliance with US experts on the issue importing an adviser in bird control for a seminar.
Bird Barrier, America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of humane bird control solutions and products, was selected for the exclusive partnership.
Professional Pest Control proudly presented Cameron Riddell, president of Bird Barrier, to the management of all the Aruban hotels, members of the government, Airport management and many others in a well attended seminar.
Cameron Ridell gave a magnificent presentation at La Cabana’s conference room on all the latest developments in bird control and showed Aruba what can be done to control the challenge in a humane way.
Ridell also met with the staff at Professional Pest Control and enjoyed a complete day of training with them.
We serve the community, reiterates Wever and we serve our bird population, keeping both their special need in mind.

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October 07, 2009
Rona Coster