Professional Pest Control is dedicated to the community

Caring for Maristella

Caring for Maristella

Professional Pest Control mobilized more than 35 volunteers to come help paint the exterior, as well as clean the garden at Maristella, a facility for the elderly in Savaneta.

Employees recruited their family members under the leadership of Managing Director Anthony Wever and scoured the residential facility from sunrise to sunset.

“It gives us great pleasure to contribute,” reports Wever. “In fact, we planted the garden two years ago and we are periodically helping maintain, trim and clip it, for the enjoyment of the elderly residents, living here.”

Professional Pest Control, Aruba’s larges pest control company, is celebrating 20 years of community service.

The company is not only dedicated to the old folks; it is also contributing to the wellbeing of teens by sponsoring the uniforms of Brasil J.R.S., a soccer club in the neighborhood of Brasil with over 125 young players ages 5 to 28.

Pictured here the Professional Pest Control crew giving Maristella a fresh coat of paint and having fun at work.

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August 19, 2008
Rona Coster