Press Conference Monday, December 22nd, 2021

There was a press conference yesterday, headed by MinPres and MinTph, regarding Aruba’s COVID situation and the crisis management efforts to strike a balance between containing the pandemic without hurting the country’s economic recovery.


Among shared news: The Omicron variant is present in Aruba and spreads faster than the Delta variant. However, preliminary data shows that Omicron causes a less severe illness.

In December, the number of new COVID cases has increased. At this time the positivity rate is 17% in the community.

Positive cases among tourists are also increasing.

There are 7 COVID patients in the hospital, of which 3 in ICU.

Aruba’s hospital can handle a maximum of 30 cases per day,

The authorities believe that the current COVID measures are sufficient to contain the pandemic, yet they continue to monitor and evaluate.

Hospitalizations per number of positive cases has been reduced in Aruba.


The current measures include:

Business closing time: 1am, however special permits for later hours are available for NYE

Casino closing time: 2am

Masks: required indoors in all establishments, except when seated while consuming

Commerce: 100% capacity

Restaurants: Maximum 8 diners at tables

Bars, bar-only permits: Maximum 4 clients at tables.

Gathering maximum: 8 people, in public areas.

Beach/Public area/parking lots ban: 7pm – 5am, no hanging around in public areas during those hours

Social Events: Maximum 150 indoors, maximum 250 outdoors

Alcohol ban in public areas

Music: Live music allowed, no limit to number of musicians, as background music only.

Nightlife: No dancing, only satellite dancing, guests at their own table



Effectiveness of the vaccine diminishes after a few months; however, the vaccine continues to protect against severe COVID.

Booster shot offers protection against Omicron.

Due to requirements in Colombia, Aruba’s positive COVID cases can no longer be sent to Colombia for medical care.

Vaccine boosters are now available to all residents 50+ of age.

First and second vaccines are available to all 5+.

Vaccinations are encouraged as an important element in containing the pandemic and protecting the community from severe symptoms.


Tourism/CEO of ATA:


Aruba recently added a “very high risk” level for countries, and those coming to Aruba from those countries need to test prior to travel (within 1 day).

Aruba recently added a “very high risk” level for certain countries, those coming to Aruba from those countries need to test prior to travel, within 1 day

The authorities are evaluating the effects of adding the USA to the list of “very high risk” countries
There is concern that the CDC would alter Aruba’s status to alert level 4 due to the increase of positive cases on island. Note: Mo specifics mentioned, on how to avoid it

Current measures will be maintained, and adjustments made if the crisis team considers it necessary.

There are strong differences of opinion in the commercial sector regarding the need for additional COVID measures, and the crisis management team considers all.

ATA continues to project 73% recovery in 2021.

The authorities are in need of more accommodations for isolation of positive cases among tourists. If you have units available, please call 566-4961.


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December 21, 2021
Rona Coster