Preferred Pump, pumped up about Aruba

During two back-to-back weeks in January, Preferred Pumps, a US wholesale and distributor of submersible water pumps chose Aruba for the annual get-together of partners, vendors and clients.

The company with 56 warehouses in 50 states, packed up almost all its 633 owners, and 1014 vendors for a fantastic activity-packed vacation, with just one purpose, to play hard, since they have been working very hard.

Their mission was successfully accomplished, and as the last vacationers are leaving the island, plans to return in three years, have already been made.

It is Preferred Pumps’ fourth experience on the island.

The company first discovered the island under the Radisson flag, but was pleased to find out that all team-members were still in place under the Hilton flag, when they returned. They were especially happy to reconnect with Raynold Semeleer, Director of Catering & Events who forged a strong friendship with owner, Randy Lyne.

Lyne started the company as a young man back in 1982 and nurtured it to greatness by being competitive, aggressive and totally committed to excellent customer service. Over the years with courage and determination Preferred Pumps became the leading distributor for submersible water pumps, water hoists, vertical turbines, water well equipment and accessories for agriculture, commercial, industrial, irrigation, and residential needs.

As he neared retirement, Lyne did not see himself going out to pasture, so he made a bold move, turning his beloved company over to the people who helped him grow it, namely, making 633 employees the owners.

Preferred Pumps is today an ESOP company, 100% owned by it dedicated people, as of December 31, 2019, and Lyne recently reported he intends to stick around till mid-century.

While on Aruba, owners, vendors and clients enjoyed an extensive program brimming with pool parties, belly-flop competitions, beach events, welcome receptions, farewell banquets, and social interactions.

Lyne hosted daily penthouse networking occasions, for sunset, and lively Bloody Mary socials, with a signature cocktail recipe every morning. Balashi joined the daily mixer, with a mobile bar serving cold beer and soft drinks.

Three dedicated staffers on Lyne’s team booked flights, took care of hotel reservations, special requests, Covid testing, transfers and logistics, making it all unfold, smoothly.

Hilton team members report Lyne is an exceptional personality, open, friendly, hard-working and eager to make friends and connections.

Described as a true gentleman, and an Aruba-lover who comes to the island frequently — with guests, family members and friends, Lyne appreciates all team members and his local friends, he never fails to mention that over the years he formed personal relationships with members of the local business community, which he enjoys.

JP, the resort’s bartender needed no convincing to join the weekly Belly Flop competition, on Friday, proudly becoming Belly Flop King of 2022.

Group members went fishing and golfing, took catamaran rides, and island tours. They mostly relished the warm hospitality they encountered everywhere. Resort general Manager Vasco Baselli, an avid underwater photographer submerged himself in the pool during the belly flop competition, and you will agree his pictures are hilarious!!

Check out Randy’s Dream on YouTube. A very good video outlining Lyne’s journey from 1982 to a successful business leader, who started a new journey with an Employee Stock Ownership plan, which he financed himself.

Aruba is our favorite destination, concludes Lyne, who travels extensively with his company. We’ve been to Hawaii, Mexico, and numerous islands, but we always come back to Aruba.


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March 23, 2022
Rona Coster