Postkantoor = Useless

On November 4th, RBC Royal Bank of Canada send me a computer generated letter, asking me to stop by the main branch and provide them with a valid ID, by February 4th, 2020, otherwise…

The Letter was delivered to my mail box on March 3rd.

Are you shocked?


You know how useless the Post Office is.

Private delivery companies have made it big, because the Post office cannot be trusted to deliver anything on time.


In February, my personal debit cards stopped functioning. I couldn’t pay for gas, couldn’t pay for groceries.

Which brought me into the bank, fuming.

I lined up. When it was finally my term the apologetic teller told me my account was disabled because the bank only had an expired driver’s license in my file.

I asked her WHY they couldn’t send me a notice? An e-mail?

She didn’t know.

It was the first time, she said, she sees the bank take such drastic measures.

Anyway, she copied my ID, my cards return to function.

And now WE understand. RBC did warn me on November 4th, BUT the good-for-nothing Post-Office was unable to deliver for THREE months.

I know, if I call the Post Office to complain about their lame performance they will tell me the letter was generated at banking headquarters, then hogged until the end of February. “They might have written the letter on Nov 4th, but didn’t release it then,” they would say.

QUESTION: RBC, why don’t you use the online banking system to send messages?? Why revert to mail? Why drag us back to the Stone Age?

Postkantoor, do us all a favor and go out of business, or bring back the carrier pigeons.

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March 04, 2020
Rona Coster