Post-Mortem for a Press Conference

We all rolled our eyes at the recent press conference, by the CEO of RdA. All this guy wants is to kick the can further down the road so he doesn’t lose his cushy job and fat pay-check.

Most information provided at the conference consisted of past accomplishments, the CEO was patting himself on the back for, and very little info was current, except supposedly 24 contract employees who were going to be laid-off, which has not happened, yet, but he said NOTHING about how or when RdA was doing to get CITGO to comply with its agreements.

This whole thing is a farce, a joke at our expense.

Under normal circumstances negotiations are CONCLUDED at the signing of agreements; but CITGO is acting as if negotiations BEGIN with the signing of agreements!

Anyway, RdA needs to be run by an independent and transparent regulator which is definitely not the case right now.

RdA needs to employ best global practices, by experienced and committed professionals that Aruba has all over the world, by the way, working in the field for other masters. Bring these educated, capable oil men back home!

The way it is right now, it is not transparent, and it runs on inflated salaries, expensive hot-air consultants, baby lawyers, sons and daughters of “friends and family,” useless campañadornan of the former MinEnergy, and they all receive astronomical salaries.

GOA should clean ship. The sooner, the better.

Wasn’t the MinPres determined to drain the swamp pre-elections. She too wanted to see transparency and integrity at RdA, but so far nothing happened. Same old, same old at RdA.

Lesson in history: In an effort to win the 2016 elections they told us, don’t worry, we’re not dealing with the Venezuelans. But now, of course we are. The former MinPres sold us a pile of poo. He dressed 100 employees in CITGO coveralls and paraded them around.

Tragically, we did NOTHING to stop him from getting hitched with a partner from hell. Don’t worry, they said, we have financing.  Then the people they were negotiating with all went to jail.

Sadly, the former MinPres also let Valero walk, off the hook, and now the shares are in the hands of “PDVSA HOLDING.”

(You must remember the classic Rene Kan one-liner: “You should never make a deal with a partner who is dying, with one foot in the coffin and the other on a banana peel.”)

And the delusional CEO is still dreaming about a gas line. What a joke. You couldn’t get the simplest restart done.

And the delusional CEO thinks the new regime in Venezuela will work with Aruba. Are you kiddin’? They have a lot of other challenges on their hands. You are NOT on their radar screen. And if you are, they would want to know how come you got into bed with Roberto Rincon, and his blood sucking vampires, responsible for the plundering of Venezuela.

Back to the press conference: A 14 days of stock makes you comfortable? That’s nuts. You’d better cover your risk by buying from different suppliers and not put all your eggs in one basket. You can’t play Russian Roulette here. Our tourism industry runs on this. No jet fuel = no tourists.

You cannot keep everyone stupid forever.

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February 11, 2019
Rona Coster