Political Hooliganism or Political Bullying, both ugly

The unchecked behavior of young AVP supporters, made Political Hooliganism appear publicly, on our political landscape for the first time, last night, during the second political debate.

The disruptive and unlawful behavior of the group in the back of the room, which emcee Ruben Trappenberg did his best to restrain, can also be called Political Bullying, but whatever you call it, it is ugly, and I believe it was fully endorsed and paid for, by the green party campaign machine, who borrows its handbook from Venezuela.

It was obvious from the start that AVP supporters were up to no good!

I have to say, that the points raised by all leaders were eye-opening, they were all talking facts while the MinPres stuck to fiction.

As a voter I was satisfied the MinPres had to hear: Awg 200 million a year in interest payments; it will take the economy 27 years to recover; national debt at 110% of GDP; half of the country’s budget is spent on interest payments and personnel; the need for a tax moratorium; the fact that 99% of borrowed resources were wasted; just 1% investment visible.

Of course Ricardo Croes’ lecture to AVP supporters was priceless. They are blind.

The question remains, and Holmo Henriquez made a good point, we cannot trust any of the old players, but will the new players save us?

Thank you KVK for a visually excellent presentation.

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August 18, 2017
Rona Coster