Poetry Nights, by Basha Foundation

A poem by Yakari Gabriel Torres

I published some of her poems before, I like the way her head spins. Yakari’s FB page reports she is a full-time Astrologer and a full-time badass, but that’s only for show. She is also a sometimes-participant in Poetry Nights, by Basha Foundation, enlightening monthly events, with a cult following.

Last week’s Poetry Night unfolded at Maggy’s on the Main Street. We were also treated to the music of classic guitarist Ryan Maduro and Flamenco dance with castanetas by Angela Croes, in the Frida Kahlo room. Thank you, Carlos Bislip Jazz ensemble, including a 15 year old drummer, for your musical contributions. Thank you Maria, for doing this.

From Bread & Butter, published 2023,  her second collection, after Cold Coffee, 2017.

I say “I am tired”

and people tell me to rest

but I’m not that type of tired

I cannot sleep this feeling away

or unplug long enough for it to leave me

I am the type of tired you get

when you are fatherless,

and spend most of your childhood watching women break their


to make it to the end of the month

the type of tired you get

when those patterns are sown into you

and now you’ve become one of those women as well

I am tired

Of being too broke to afford my mother’s love

And too worn out, to clean her house in exchange for her mercy

Tired of carrying my guts and my gloves everywhere

being always ready to gamble or fight

for something nobody promised I would win to begin with

I say “I am tired”

and people ask me if I cannot find something else to do

but there is nothing I want to be doing

my box of talents has been hollowed out

by the humdrum of life

I say “I am tired”

and it doesn’t mean I am looking for suggestions

or want to have a profound conversation on how to navigate

generational wounds

When I say “I am tired”

I mean that my world needs to be made new

need a spark to light up my fire

need somebody to see me

for the fragile human I am




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September 02, 2023
Rona Coster