Plan Di Partido, Accion21

Accion21 published a number of PDFs outlining its party platform, Plan di Partido. There are currently seven in total, ranging in subjects from Modernizing Government, to Economy and Finance, Social and Labor, Education, Culture and Sport, the Environment and Public Health.

The PDFs are on line, on the party’s website, They were published one by one as conceptualized, and are now just one click away.

The materials were written in collaboration, think-tank style, by the candidates, and local experts, in consultation with many local institutions, and stakeholders, they cover most of our burning issues.

Economy and Finance,, was written by party leader Miguel Mansur. I went through it and liked all of his suggestions.

He states, that it is through fiscal reform that the government’s income may grow, and while its expenses hopefully shrink, a surplus will be created to be used for investments in combating our social crisis, improving education and healthcare, and most importantly, reducing our national debt. We have to lower our national debt, over Awg 6 billion, in order to save our country, he says.

The highlights of the economic and financial reform calls for the elimination of many taxes and the introduction of a standard 12.5% VAT instead. This is followed by 30 other suggestions.

His suggestion regarding state secretaries, is good, in an effort to reduce full-blown ministries, that way culture and such, could get proper representation; I liked his suggested term limits and the fact that GOA must write its own job description, and not just wing it.

Mansur can be heard on various platforms, he has an educated, serious view of the world, and he speaks in well-thought out sentences, no giggles, no shrieks, no fanfare.

I humbly oppose just one of his ideas, that of a wall to wall cabinet with every seat-winning-party on board, namely a national unity government, with a broad coalition consisting of all parties. I just don’t see the former green government in power again.

The Medio Ambiente PDF, mostly by Daphne Lejuez is also a good read, outlining trash processing, alternative, sustainable energy and animal protection, really well written.

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May 29, 2021
Rona Coster