PFTSA, Pension Fund Tourism Sector Aruba Conducts a General Assembly

DSC06684The PFTSA, Pension Fund Tourism Sector Aruba, called for its annual General Assembly with a busy agenda. Having greeted the members present Managing Director Sanaa Baroud welcomed the forum and in collaboration with Chairman PFTSA Board Ben Marapin, went through the agenda points.

Agenda points included approval of last year’s General Assembly minutes, a welcome of new member companies, a statement of the PFTSA mission and the PFTSA goal, the organization’s financial performance in 2008 including its balance sheet, financial highlights, and income results, as well as the organization’s objectives for 2009, its plans for the construction completion of the PFTSA building on Saskiweg, free word and closing statements.

PFTSA Board members Glenn Farro, Valerie Pietersz-Camacho, Lisette Mohammed, and Paul Vandormael, joined Chairman PFTSA Board Ben Marapin and Managing Director Sanaa Baroud in answering questions and concerns from the floor.

The PFTSA was founded in 1992 as an initiative of Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association and the FTA workers’ union, as they both shared the same vision for the need to create a pension plan which would provide workers in the tourism industry with additional income after retirement on top of the general old age pension provided by the government.

Currently there are 38 member companies affiliated with PFTSA who together have 2309 employees participating. The regulatory body for the PFTSA foundation is the Central Bank of Aruba.

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August 12, 2009
Rona Coster