Paseo Herencia entertains hotel concierges

This party on-the-go had several stops, with a great number of hotel concierges who ventured out for a night on the town.

We congregated at Xixon for complimentary seafood paella and sangria. Xixon now occupies two locations in the mall, the restaurant, on the inside, next to Aldo, and the Tapas Terrace, street-side, facing the Palm Beach Road.

For those still in doubt, it’s Gijon, Hi-Hon if you are having difficulties with the hota, of Julio.

Owner, Alejandro ‘Encyclopedia’ de Arruabarrena, says Spanish food is honest, it doesn’t hide under fancy sauces, nor spices; it’s cooked with excellent olive oil, high quality salt, and just one kind of typical mild pepper, with a fragrant, gentle flavor. In Spanish cuisine, what you see is what you get. But take your time ordering, focus on the experience, food is there to be enjoyed and the restaurant has a very extensive menu and wine list.

Across the way, we happened to be on hand for the grand opening of Diamonds International at the mall. Diamonds International headquartered in town, saw the opportunity to check Palm Beach out, and moved into a prime location at Paso Herencia.  Marketing diva Nathalie Van Trikt and store manager Iris greeted our group with a raffle. Long-time concierge Swinda Koolman, Manchebo Beach Resort, won, and extended a manicured hand, to be embellished with lovely new bling. Bubbly, chocolate, cupcakes, this was a very pleasant stop. We each got $100 to spend on future purchases. That’s definitely an incentive to return.

Gorgeous baker Tessa Pieters was next on the tour. We met her at Drunk’s Danial, serving Poffertjes and a delicious coffee/Amaretto slush which lightened the mood considerately, as we lingered to admire the mall’s Christmas décor, and the selection of alcohol infused cakes by Drunk’s Denial. Buyer beware. The red-wine cake is delicious, but potent.

At Maggy’s we inspected the latest makeup trends and were welcomed with a photographer and an emerald green backdrop for a photo opportunity promoting Tous LoveMe – from then on, we all smelled floral, having been spritzed by the pear nectar, grapefruit and sweet orange fragrance.

Maggy’s is always a fantastic fun place to visit.

Vadavas, by sisters Valeria, Daniela & Valentina Gomez is tiny, but packed with beautiful accessories and jewelry designed by the three, and handcrafted by single moms, and stay home moms. Vadadas offers special collections for all occasions, and gorgeous hair ornaments. Their flower festooned and illuminated kiosk is located at the entrance to the plaza, since 2016.

Chela de Lannoy welcomed us to TGI Friday, serving Electric Lemonades and some of TGI Friday’s famous ribs, wings and cheese sticks. It all disappeared without a trace, and the kitchen had to send out reinforcements. The restaurant’s second floor, wraparound terrace, overlooks the hubbub of Palm Beach, and the crazy shopping and coffee-sipping activity below at Starbucks and the jewelry stores.

The biggest surprised came at Che Bar, once a belly up to the counter eatery with some curb side seating. It now features a small airconditioned dining room and a comfortable outdoor dining area. They serve authentic Argentinean cuisine, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One could say that the success of Paseo Herencia highlights the misery of its neighboring Palm Beach Plaza. Over the years Paseo Herencia added more product, turned every inch into rental space, and pretty much managed to reinvent itself continuously.

More news? The parking garage has been undergoing renovations, and Fly Fit Studio on the third floor is one of my most happy places.

The former club space on the second floor now features the Ritmo Cubano show, on Wednesdays and Fridays, as seen on America Got Talent!

The mall has been sponsoring scholarships for the past eight years and just launched its first international Gift of Sports sponsorship, fostering success of young athletes, starting Fall 2024.

Check out the registration process of Gift of Education & Sports

The mall introduced a reward system recently, by becoming a Paseo Herencia Loyalty Member you are able to accumulate points with EVERY purchase made at the stores, restaurant and cinema. You may enjoy instant rewards and redeem points for Paseo Gift Certificates and other great prizes. Snap a picture of the purchase receipts and upload onto the digital card. You can also download the app to see your point’s balance and redemption options.

Did you see the angel wings mural? All you have to do is plop yourself in front and take a picture.

On a personal note I was happy to see Paseo Herencia has outlets I never visited before, King Churros, Hot Box and Skewers. I promise to catch up.


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December 04, 2023
Rona Coster