Orange, RDA and AZV

The Netherlands painted the world orange

According to The Telegraaf: All non-essential travel is not recommended, until mid-March, and the Travel Advisory regarding Aruba and Bonaire was adjusted to “only necessary travel.”

Up until today, destinations within the Kingdom of the Netherlands that were yellow were OK for a holiday trip. Now that the Netherlands has switched to complete lockdown and staying at home is the rule, the cabinet decided to color the entire world orange.

Travel advice is therefore no longer linked to the situation in countries themselves, but to the disastrous situation in the Netherlands. They have been spiking since September and had 6,633 new cases yesterday.

The measure takes effect today, Wednesday. Many Dutch are left hanging because travel companies conducted brisk business in recent weeks, reporting people were planning to pack their bags and fly to sun-kissed “kingdom destinations,” over the Christmas holidays. But as of today all destinations are orange!

I noticed my travel insurance went up by 75%, and there must be a story there. I usually pay for an annual modest travel insurance that adds a layer of protection against lost luggage and accidents. I just received the invoice for 2021 and it’s three times higher.

So naturally if you travel to an orange zone, your medical insurance will surely try to wash its hands of you and give you the cold shoulder, and who wants to travel uninsured in the time of Covid19?

This development is unfortunate and will further complicate our financial situation, delaying the island’s recovery even further.

Signing RDA’s LOI, letter of intent

Quanten LLC y Eagle LNG, did sign and LOI yesterday at the museum of industry, in San Nicolas, Renny Arends signed for Aruba, electrical contractor Jeff Meyers for QCA and Sean Lalali for Eagle.

It doesn’t mean anything.

It is still a classic case of hope over experience. GOA fell for a set of unrealistic promises. Some of the characters involved, have no clue what they got themselves into.

They practice milking small scale support programs run by various US government bodies. Their strategy is to make big promises, get some free or low interest money, spend some of it, fail to deliver, and blame others. Then repeat the whole “show” elsewhere.

So here you go, and you can quote me on this.

More about health insurance

 One of my friends writes: About our health costs, these are mostly fixed costs for capacity. The only way to reduce unit cost is to improve throughout.

Get real, qualified people to help with that. We have them here on the island. They can look into this financial structure and come up with a strategy to straighten it out.

Health costs can also be corrected by us. Four out of five island residents are overweight or obese. That is the cause of our high healthcare costs. We must work on lowering health and human costs per capita. Fix the problem not the symptom. I have asked these questions before but we seem to switch subjects, then go round and round to circumvent the crux of the matter…

ALSO, why do we need AZV? What does that institution cost us and what value does it give us, which cannot be provided otherwise?

What would happen if we eliminate AZV and go back to private insurance in combination with a base national insurance? Any organization that is monopolistic/government related will have huge levels of waste and therefore high per capita costs which we could never pay, let alone now that our country is bankrupt.

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December 16, 2020
Rona Coster